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Reduce Indoor Heat with Interior Sun Protection


Spring is here, and with rising outdoor temperatures and stronger sunlight, the heat inside our homes also increases – something that can be troublesome. While several measures are needed to completely block out the heat during high temperatures, with the right interior sun protection, you can reduce heat entry and achieve a more comfortable indoor climate during sunny and warm months. Interior sun protection for windows is often a more convenient and stylish alternative than, for example, exterior window shades.

As outdoor temperatures rise, our homes should be a place to shield ourselves from the blazing sun, which is especially important for infants and elderly individuals. Fortunately, there are several options for interior window sun protection to choose from – ranging from roller blinds with heat-reducing fabrics to smart pleated blinds. An interior sun protection for windows is often a more convenient and stylish alternative than, for example, exterior window shades. Here is our guide on how to reduce the risk of sleepless, sweaty nights and achieve a cooler and more pleasant indoor temperature with the help of interior sun protection products.

Light Colours for Cooler Bedrooms

It’s easy to automatically think that dark colours are best for keeping strong sunlight out, but the fact is that dark colours actually tend to absorb heat much more than light ones. In windows where the sun shines for a large part of the day, it’s therefore best to opt for light sun protection to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. This way, you reduce the heat from sunlight entering, whereas dark colours generally attract heat, which then spreads from the sun shade and into the room.

During summer, the bedroom is often where we experience the heat as most bothersome, especially with the bright nights keeping us awake. For a cool and dark bedroom, a blackout roller blind in a light colour is therefore a good choice for interior sun protection. In rooms where small children and infants spend time, the need for a good night’s sleep or rest becomes extra important. Aesthetically, light colours are also a good choice in sunny windows. In children’s rooms where the décor is often light and airy with a colour palette of soft pastels, a black or dark roller blind could stand out too much. Therefore, a light-coloured sun shade is the most suitable option when you want to keep the summer heat out!


Screen: Heat Reduction With a View

The absolute best tip for heat reduction in rooms where the view matters is to choose a roller blind with screen fabric. A blackout sun shade is effective against light and heat, but can easily create a confined feeling during daytime when you still want natural light indoors. Screen roller blinds appear transparent from the inside, allowing you to still enjoy the daylight and the view.

Solar energy, which in turn creates heat, is reflected by up to 78% with a roller blind with screen fabric. They also have UV blocking of up to 97% to protect both you and your interior from harmful UV rays.

In large windows where natural light is a significant part of the overall ambiance, full coverage sun protection may feel like a less appealing option. At the same time, this type of window often requires interior sun protection, where the temperature quickly becomes unbearable during warm and sunny days.

Large, lovely windows are often found in newly built houses where the façade and the house’s design are important design details. Exterior sun protection like window shades can disrupt the overall impression and may require alterations to the facade. Screen roller blinds are also available in screw-free models that are tensioned in the window with friction, thereby causing no damage to either the facade or the window frame!

Screenrullgardin svart, måttillverkad

Titan: Our Most Effective Heat Sun Protection

Our most effective heat sun protection is called Titan and is a roller blind with a silver backing that reflects away a large portion of the sun’s rays. This effectively reduces the heat entering from the window, even during the hottest seasons.

The fabric is blackout, so you can enjoy long, delightful lie-ins during the summer without being disturbed by either sunlight or room heat. For older individuals and infants who also need rest during daytime when the sun is at its strongest, Titan is an effective sun protection alternative to keep both temperature and light entry in the room down.

Titan fabric is available for several of our roller blind models so you can choose the option that is most suitable for your windows both functionally and aesthetically.

Pleated Blind Honeycomb: Heat Reduction With a Stylish Design

The trendy pleated blind has increased in popularity in recent years – and it’s easy to understand why. This stylish sun protection solution has a sleek design and fits in most rooms with its beautifully pleated fabric. The pleated blind comes in several different models for easy adjustment of sun shading and light entry.

Opting for a so-called honeycomb fabric gives you sun protection that is both blackout and effective for heat reduction. This fabric model is designed with double layers that create an air gap between the fabrics. As a result, some of the heat from the window is insulated in the air gap instead of penetrating into the room. The honeycomb fabric is therefore a good choice in terms of design, as the threads running in the fabric become less visible when hidden in the air gap, making a pleated blind with honeycomb fabric a stylish part of your window.

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