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Sunshade Products for Different Windows


Spring is finally here, and with it comes the lovely spring sun, increasing the need for good sun protection. However, navigating through the myriad of sunshade products on the market can be a bit of a jungle!

Today, there is a plethora of different types of windows in our homes, each with different conditions regarding both the installation of sunshade products, the need for sun protection, and suitable design.

Here are some valuable tips regarding sunshade products for different types of windows – whether you prefer a classic roller blind, a decorative roman shade, a functional pleated shade, or a smart solution with vertical blinds.

Hasta Tension skruvfri rullgardin 28 mm, mörkläggande, flera färger
Datapersienn, aluminium, lamellbredd 25 mm

Common Windows

The Classic Roller Blind
A standard roller blind is a flexible and discreet sun protection solution that suits most rooms. Most people have “regular” windows where you can choose to install the sunshade product inside the recess or outside, on the wall, or on the ceiling. The best installation method depends on your sun protection needs.

If you only need sun protection, recess mounting works well. This is a stylish way to install the roller blind since it doesn’t stand out too much in the window.

However, if you want to darken the room, it’s best to mount the roller blind outside the window and choose a slightly wider blind than the window width. This is to minimize light penetration from the gaps that occur on the sides of the fabric since the fabric measurement is always slightly smaller than the total dimensions of the blind including brackets.

When it comes to the degree of sun protection, there are many different fabrics to choose from. Blackout fabric is obviously the best choice in bedrooms, while many prefer some natural light in other rooms.

Roller blind mounted in niche
Mounting outside window
Hasta Tension skruvfri rullgardin 28 mm, mörkläggande, flera färger
Blackout roller blind

Sun protection can also be heat-reducing in windows where the sun often shines. There are several ways to keep heat out with sun protection. In the bedroom, where heat can often be particularly bothersome during the summer months, you can opt for a roller blind with titanium fabric, which is the best option for a dark and cool bedroom, as this fabric has a silver backing that reflects the sun’s rays.

A shading fabric minimizes direct sunlight without creating a confined feeling. A roller blind with screen fabric is another step for increased light transmission as it is perceived as transparent and is an excellent choice in rooms where you want sun protection without losing the view. If you want the best of both worlds, choose Day&Night – the fabric where you can vary the light transmission with both an open and a closed position.

Mörkläggande rullgardin Titan, silverbaksida
Roller blind with titanium fabric
Roller blind with screen fabric
Hasta Tension Day&Night, skruvfri rullgardin, måttillverkad
Day&Night roller blind

Pleated Blinds – a Trendy Sun Protection Solution
If you’re looking for a modern sunshade product that is both stylish and functional, perhaps a pleated blind is right for you.

A pleated blind can be installed in the same way as a roller blind but differs slightly in design. A pleated blind is often a popular choice for sun protection in kitchens and also as privacy screens in bathrooms, where it’s desirable to let in as much light as possible.

The pleated blind is characterized by its pleated fabric and is available in several different fabrics. The so-called honeycomb fabric is also effective for heat reduction, where the double fabric creates a heat-insulating air gap.

Vit plisségardin
Frihängande plisségardin F1, måttillverkad, vit avskärmande

Inward-opening Windows

In areas with larger window sections, it’s common to find windows that open inward, and sometimes even balcony doors that swing inward. However, if you have a standard roller blind installed on the wall above the window or within the window recess, it might obstruct the opening of the window or door.

By opting for screw-free roller blinds mounted directly onto the window frame, you have the flexibility to install a sunshade on each window separately. These designs are secured by clamps or nails onto the window frame, ensuring that the roller blind moves seamlessly with the window when it is opened.

Screwless Window Solutions

In certain window setups, traditional screw-mounted sunshade solutions aren’t viable. This might be the case in rental apartments where preserving the window integrity is crucial, or in modern homes with aluminum frames that can’t be drilled into due to structural considerations. Alternatively, you may prefer not to mar the window with screw holes for aesthetic reasons or desire a sunshade solution that offers flexibility for occasional sun protection needs.

An excellent alternative is a friction-based sunshade that fits snugly within the window recess. This solution requires no drilling and leaves no marks on the window. Installation and removal are quick and effortless when necessary. Equipped with a spring mechanism, the sunshade’s attachment plates adhere securely to the wall when the roller blind is extended, ensuring a secure fit comparable to screw-mounted blinds.

Windows with Vents

Some windows have a design that makes it difficult to install a sunshade product inside the recess, where, for example, a vent restricts the space.

Here, roman shades can be a good choice. A roman shade is both a stylish and functional choice for sun protection, acting as a decorative window treatment that you can easily raise and lower as needed. Choose a blackout roman shade in bedrooms, for example, where it’s important to be able to achieve complete darkness. In these cases, it’s advantageous to choose a wider roman shade than the width of the window itself to minimize light penetration from the sides. If sun protection is the main concern, you can choose a transparent or shading fabric for your roman shade. This minimizes direct sunlight without completely blocking and losing natural light.

Beige hissgardin med linnekänsla
Hissgardin linne, Linnea, vit

Extra Tall or Wide Windows

In really large windows, it can be difficult to find a sunshade product that is sufficient. In that case, vertical blinds are a good choice. Vertical blinds consist of freely hanging, separate slats on a track where light penetration is easily regulated by angling the slats to the desired position.

Vertical blinds are also a good choice for sun protection in a conservatory or on enclosed balconies, where the sun often shines and it can get very hot. Adapt sun protection to weather and preferences, and switch between open or closed positions or a combination of both. You can also draw a vertical blind completely to the side when you want to open up and enjoy the view.

Lamellgardin vit Hasta
Lamellgardin Opti Pro, väv Diamond Ecrü
Lamellgardin Opti Pro, mörkläggande, måttillverkad, vit

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