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Pleated blinds

Frihängande plisségardin F1, måttillverkad, vit avskärmande

Functional, stylish and beautiful 

The pleated blind looks beautiful in the window with its pleated fabric. Easy to adjust the natural light and privacy by pulling down the blind to the chosen position. 

Available in made-to-measure and standard widths.

Suitable for most windows

The pleated blind is available in various models- for inward opening windows, roof windows, window doors and regular windows. 

Honeycomb for effective heat reduction

Choose a pleated blind with double layers (often known as honeycomb) to reduce the heat from the direct sunlight. The fabric helps isolating the heat in the space between the fabric, creating an air gap.

A flexible sunshade

Adjust the natural light by simply pull down the blind to the desired position. Some models can be adjusted from both the top and the bottom.

Great collection of fabrics 

In our collection you will find a wide range of fabrics in different structures and colours with different functions.


Free-hanging pleated blind for regular windows

If you are going to set up a pleated blind in a regular window, our free-hanging model is a good choice. The pleated blind is adjusted up and down by cord. Choose freely from our large selection of pleated blind fabrics.


Fixed cord pleated blind for angled windows

For angled windows (up to 70 degrees), a pleated blind running on a fixed cord is a good choice so that it doesn’t swing and sway when you open the window. The fixed cord model can be adjusted from both the top and the bottom, so you can position it at the bottom or the top of the window. This makes it handy both as a sunshade and for privacy!