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Sun Protection for Balcony Doors


Open up to spring! Finally, it’s time to enjoy the sun and warmth again after a long winter. But spring is at its best outdoors, and with the stronger sun, the need for stylish and functional sun protection products in your home increases.

With us you will find a wide selection of high-quality sun protection products that suit all homes and needs. However, some windows may feel more obvious than others to update with good sun protection. Common sun protection options like roller blinds or free-hanging pleated blinds are often installed in a way that suits traditional outward-opening windows, which is not always the case with, for example, balcony doors.

A balcony or patio door can be found in most homes today, and as spring arrives, their usage often increases significantly. However, the need for sun protection remains, and it can be especially important during warm days when the sun’s rays are intense, increasing the room’s temperature. Therefore, here are some of our best tips for sun protection products for balcony and patio doors – regardless of their design.

Sun Protection for Inward-Opening Doors

Many balcony doors open inward, which can be a challenge when it comes to sun protection products – especially during the warmer months when the door is frequently used. Our smart solution is called Multifix and is suitable for inward-opening windows and doors where sun protection products mounted on the wall or in the recess may obstruct when the door is opened. Multifix is clamped onto the window frame, meaning the sunshade moves with the door when it’s opened without getting in the way. The product is available with various fabrics depending on the desired level of sun protection and also as a pleated blind – the trendy sun protection with pleated fabric that looks great in the window.


Extra Height for Glass Doors

Perhaps your balcony or patio door opens outward but is entirely made of glass, providing an extra area to shield. In that case, you can order an extra tall roller blind where the fabric can be pulled down further than on regular roller blinds. These roller blinds come in heights up to 280 cm depending on the model and in a variety of fabrics from transparent to blackout. Keep in mind that the maximum height specified is the functional height of the roller blind – that is, the maximum height you can extend the roller blind. Never pull down the roller blind more than the recommended functional height, even if there is fabric left on the roller – as this may cause the fabric to detach from the roller.

Smart Solutions for Larger Window Areas

Is your balcony door part of a larger window area? Then it might be stylish to invest in sun protection that covers the entire area for a more uniform feel. Vertical blinds are both a stylish and smart choice for such window areas. This sun protection product shields the sun’s strong rays without blocking the light and also takes up minimal space when open. Vertical blinds provide flexible sun protection in large window areas where the sun shines and prevent uncomfortable indoor climates caused by heat.


Another option is to opt for made-to-measure curtains across the entire window area. Wide floor-to-ceiling curtains are a really stylish part of the decor, and here too, you can choose from several different fabrics depending on how opaque you want the curtains to be. Curtains can look equally stylish when open or closed, but if you want to avoid pulling the curtains aside all the time, a tip is to place the seam between two curtain panels right at the door. When the curtains hang, it gives the impression of one continuous “curtain wall” but is still easy to slip through without pulling aside the curtains – smart!


Safe Sun Protection for Lively Children

What could be lovelier than when the little ones can finally run in and out through the patio door and enjoy the warm weather? During this time of year, safety becomes even more important as many sun protection products have dangling chains or cords that can pose a risk to small children if left hanging freely. All our sun protection products with cords or chains come with safety devices that keep the cord/chain out of reach of children. Be sure to mount the safety device at a sufficient height according to the accompanying instructions. When ordering a custom-made sun protection, you also specify the mounting height of the sun protection – we then manufacture the chain at a child-safe distance so that it is 150 cm above the floor.

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