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Alex curtain rails

Alex has all the installation options and accessories that make it easy for you to get the rail just the way you want.

Available in standard sizes or made-to-measure 

The Alex-rail can be ordered in standard sizes or made-to-measure. By using a joint you can assemble several rails into a longer one.  

For light and medium-heavy curtains 

Fits light and medium-heavy curtains but can also be used for heavier curtains, but you may need more fasteners and shorter spacing between them to make it stable.

Easy to assemble

The Alex-rail features click-brackets for mounting in ceiling or on the wall. The rail then clicks into place, and can be adjusted sideways if needed. 


1. All you need for a complete setup
2. Installation alternatives, click-on mount


Choose which Alex rail you want

Standard dimensions: contains rail, glider (15 pcs/m), cover plate and pivot stop. Brackets not included!
Custom-made: contains, glider (15 pcs/m), wall fittings, brackets and cover plate.

Alex vit gardinskena Hasta
Curtain rail, standard sizes
Alex gardinskena hasta
Curtain rail, made-to-measure, wall-mounted

STEP 1 b

Only if you chose rail in standard dimensions: add the mount!

If you select a custom-made rail, skip this step.

Fäste till gardinskena Alex
Vridfäste Alex
Rotating brackets
Fäste med vinkel till gardinskena Alex, 2-pack
Wall bracket


Choose accessories

Which accessories you need for your rails depends on how you intended to set up your rails, for example, you may need a joint if you were going to put together two rails for a longer rack. The custom-made Alex rails do not include a pivot stop, which you can add on if you want. And as mentioned above, the brackets are not included in standard dimensions.

Skarv för gardinskena Alex
Glid till gardinskena Alex och V-skena
Returböj Alex gardinskena
Reverse bend


Choose attachment

Wave/rufflette hook
Öglekrok 4-fingerkrok med hög fattning
Deep pleat hook, 4 prong, long neck
Glidkrok 4-fingerkrok med låg fattning
Deep pleat hook, 4 prong, short neck
Öglekrok 2-fingerkrok med hög fattning
Deep pleat hook, 2 prong, long neck
Glidkrok 2-fingerkrok med låg fattning
Deep pleat hook, 2 prong, short neck


Curtain height when mounted on ceiling
For the curtain to hang freely from the floor and you should have a little margin – deduct about 2 cm generally. Remember to measure in several places, if the floor / ceiling is a little uneven! For different measurements, use the smallest measurement.

In addition to ceiling mounting, consider deductning a few centimeters from the total ceiling height, as the rails make the curtain distance from the ceiling. Below you will see how much you need to deduct depending on which hook you choose:

-1 cm
Alex + deep pleat hooks with short neck

-2,5 cm
Alex + deep pleat hooks with long neck
Alex + wave/rufflette hook

Distance between rails when assembling 2 rails, for double curtains
The distance between the rails need to be about 10 cm for both curtains to hang nicely. If you want to achieve a wave-curtain you will need a bigger space between the rails than pencil pleats. 

Consider the window sill and radiator!
If there is a window sill or radiator that comes out from the wall, you should place your rail at least one cm further out, so the curtain can hang freely.

Alexskena montering fäste
1. After mounting the bracket (In this case fixed at an angle, mounted on the wall), you lean the rail so that the brace’s spikes aline into the opening.
Alexskena montering fäste
2. Secure by clicking the rail down into place.
Alexskena montering fäste
3. Done! The rail is now attached to the bracket.