Wooden Venetian blind, slat width 27 or 50 mm, natural

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Wooden Venetian blind of the highest quality with wide, glazed lime slats. Height 130 or 160 cm, can be shortened by removing slats and cutting the ladders.

Choose between slat widths of 27 and 50 mm. 27 mm is well suited to both slightly smaller and large windows, while 50 mm provides a strong impression and is well suited to medium-size and large windows. The ladders are colored to match the wooden slats. The lift cord for the Venetian blind is on the right and the tilt cord to angle the slats is on the left. This Venetian blind has a stylish box pelmet to conceal the mechanism.

Can be mounted on both ceilings (or the top of a window niche) and walls. Easily installed, instructions included.

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