Blackout roller blind MULTIFIX, white or black, screwless

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Multifix is a smart roller blind that installs directly on the window sash. Extremely handy if, for example, your window opens inward because the roller blind comes along for the ride when you open the window. The roller blind can be clamped onto the window sash, avoiding unnecessary screw holes. Blackout white fabric perfect for the bedroom or TV room where you want complete darkness.

The size refers to the overall size of the roller blind, including wall brackets.  100% polyester. Max. height 160 cm. More info below.

Also available in Day&Night version and as made-to-measure in several colors

NB: If you choose to have the rail cut to size, delivery is about 3 weeks and, unfortunately, you cannot return cut-to-size products.

NB: The standard lenght of the ball chain is 1 meter. If you choose to have the rail cut to size, we can adjust the lenght. Specify the mounting height in cm in the bottom field.

Specify the decimal with a decimal point. (Ex: 143.5) +70% on the price, a price increase with factor 1,7. 3 weeks delivery on made-to-measure items. Choose the correct width on the product you wish to be cut. Ex. for 132 cm, choose standardsize 140 cm. The return policy does not apply on made-to-measure items.
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