Silk mattress topper LECTUS AIR SILK™


The cool feeling of silk – nature’s own functional material

Experience the cool feeling of natural silk fibers in our airy mattress topper LECTUS AIR SILK™. Silk fibers have a natural ability to wick moisture, making this mattress topper wonderfully cool and comfortable.  What’s more, LECTUS AIR SILK™ also has three layers of the upright Lectus Air fiber, which provides a puffy feeling and allows your mattress to self-ventilate when you move about in bed. The unmatched feeling of one of our finest mattresses.

The LECTUS AIR™ mattress topper is available in the widths 90, 105, 160, and 180 cm and the length 210 cm, as well as in the larger size 210×210 cm.

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