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Our Story

The foundation of Hasta was laid when Stefan Schörling purchased a forge at an auction in his hometown of Hasta, just outside Arboga, in 1982. A couple of antique curtain tiebacks, popular among the ladies in the area, inspired Stefan’s first set of curtain hooks. Much has changed since then, but the foundation has always remained the same – to be innovative and leading in the market.


At Hasta, trends aren’t just about short-term fashion whims. It’s about creating something unique that guides the market in a certain direction.


Design, Quality, and Innovation

At Hasta, trends aren’t merely about fleeting fashion fads. It’s about crafting something unique that guides the market in a direction. Whether it’s a color, a shape, a function, or the utilization of something old in a new way. Since our inception in 1982, our aim has been to set such trends, resulting in a plethora of innovative products. The panel hanger is an example of a product developed within our creative walls, a product that is now sold across large parts of the world.