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Venetian blinds

Träpersienn, lamellbredd 27 mm, vitlaserad

Classic style sunshade

A stylish and practical sunshade without hassle. The range also includes integral blinds for double glazed windows.   

Available in made-to-measure or standard sizes.

Träpersienn, lamellbredd 27 mm, vitlaserad

Wooden Persian Venetian blind

Wooden Venetian blinds give your home a warm and cozy atmosphere. We have a specially selected range of wooden Venetian blinds in standard sizes and different wood glazes.

Frihängande persienn, måttillverkad, flera färger

Metal Persian Venetian blind

The classic Venetian blind is made of metal and is available in specially selected basic colors in standard sizes. You can also order a made-to-measure metal Venetian blind, in which case you can choose between countless beautiful colors and textures.

Mellanglaspersienn, måttillverkad

Integral Persian Venetian blind

An integral Venetian blind is a Venetian blind that you fit inside your window, between the glass panes. We have made-to-measure integral Venetian blinds and all the fittings you need. 

Easy to adjust the natural light

The lamellas of the venetian blind makes it easy to control and vary the natural light coming thru the window. 

The popular wooden Venitian blind 

This type of Venetian blind has made a comeback in the interior world and is considered a trendy window detail in many homes. 

Great collection

Our customized Venitian blinds are available in many colours. Choose between everything from classic white to aluminium with a wooden finish.