How to measure

Here we’ve gathered some advice about what to consider when sizing your curtain.


You should always specify the total width of the curtain with the fabric flattened out when ordering.

A good rule of thumb is that 2 meters of fabric covers about 1 meter of window when using pleats or waves.


How high should the curtain be when hanging it from the ceiling and wanting it to reach from ceiling to floor?

Always specify the height of the hemmed curtain when ordering. If the curtain is to hang freely just above the floor, you should leave a small margin, so in general subtract about 2 cm from the height. We have included this in the measurements below. Remember to measure in several places, in case the floor/ceiling isn’t quite level! Should you get different measurements, use the smallest measurement.

In addition to this, when ceiling mounting subtract a few centimeters from the total ceiling height as different rails and hooks position the curtain different distances from the ceiling. Below you can see the total number of centimeters, including the floor margin, that you need to subtract depending on which rail and which hook type you are using.
(High hook = four-prong hook with high hook, low hook = four-prong hook with low hook)

Subtract a total of 3 cm

U-rail + high hook or pleat tape hook
Alu Dream flat rail + high hook
Alex rail + low hook
Alux rail + low hook
Dual curtain rail + high hook or pleat tape hook

Subtract a total of 4 cm

Multi-track rail + high hook or pleat tape hook

Subtract a total of 4.5 cm

Alex rail + high hook or pleat tape hook
Alux rail + high hook or pleat tape hook
Cabin rail + low hook

Subtract a total of 5.5 cm

Cabin rail + high hook or pleat tape hook