Hotellgardiner Dokie och Skimra

Hotel style

Scandinavian style curtains made-to-measure

Get your curtains made-to-measure to fit your window perfectly by ordering a made-to-measure hotel curtain. The curtain is delivered ready to hang, with a neat hem measuring about 10 cm and Hasta’s multi-purpose curtain tape.


Curtains made-to-measure

Hasta’s curtains come with a 10 cm sewn hem and Hasta’s multi-purpose curtain tape.

Our multi-purpose curtain tape allows you to hang your curtains in four different ways – as modern wave curtains, as gathered curtains using wave/rufflette hooks, as pleated curtains using deep pleat hooks, and hung directly using the integrated loops.

Curtains are delivered in about 3 weeks.



Decorate your bedroom hotel style and use one curtain for privacy during the day and another to darken the room at night.

To get a really luxurious and homely look in the bedroom while ensuring great flexibility in your privacy, you can combine two types of curtains on the same window.

Picture: Blackout curtain Dokie, sheer curtain Skimra



You don´t have to go for two layers of curtains to accomplish the hotel style. Create an illusion of a high ceiling by choosing wide curtains floor to ceiling. Add to the luxurious feeling by allowing the curtains to cover the whole wall. 

Picture: Velvet curtain Ljuva with 2-hooks and u-rail

The perfect lounge curtain

Glid på lina

Gliders with a cord will help you to hang your wave curtains perfectly. The cord ensures that the gliders are evenly spaced as you draw the curtains, so that each wave is the exact same size.

If you would like to hang one curtain in front of another, such as to combine a blackout curtain with a thin, screening curtain, two curtain rails in parallel is a good option. If you are wall mounting, simply attach two brackets to a so-called angle bracket.

Curtain rails

Light/medium-weight curtains

If you have light or medium-weight curtains, we recommend a U-rail or an Alex curtain rail. These can also be used with heavier curtains, but you may need more brackets and shorter distances between the brackets for a secure installation.

Heavy curtains in demanding environments

For really heavy sets of curtains that need to withstand being pulled open and closed (such as in public environments), choose a Cabin curtain rail.


Rails for double layer curtains

Choose our double curtain hotel rail with two separate tracks – or use two parallel curtain rails installed about 8 cm apart. This leaves space for the folds of both curtains without them catching.

Long curtain rails

For wider windows, you can join our curtain rails. Joining two shorter rails is a much better option than ordering one very long rail. The installation will be much easier and the join will hardly notice once you’ve assembled the rail.


The window is the same size in both pictures.

Positioning a rod

Intuitively, we often choose a curtain rod that is about the same width as the window, or perhaps a few centimeters wider, and place it just above the window. This means that the curtains obscure much of the window.

If instead you choose a wider curtain rod/curtain rail and place it closer to the ceiling, the window feels bigger and the room larger and more airy.

The ultimate every day luxury

Motorized curtain rail

Open your curtains in the morning by simply pressing a button on a remote control or control panel. The ultimate in everyday luxury.

We have a number of motorized curtain rails that can be made to measure to fit your window perfectly.

What width should I choose?

Always consider the total, pulled out fabric width when deciding the width.

A good starting point is to calculate 2 meters of fabric covering 1 meter of the window when hung with waves or folds. 


What height should I choose?

The height of the curtain depends on the combination of rails and hooks. Read more here.

Can I order a fabric sample before deciding on the curtains?

Yes, this is always a good idea. Order fabric sample here.  

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