How to hem a curtain to the right height

Our standard size curtains are 250 cm high and have a simple overlock seam at the bottom so that you can hem them to the right height. You can hem them by using either a sewing machine for a sewn hem or the handy hemming tape that you simply iron.

Adding a sewn hem

The size of the hem depends on your preferences and how much excess fabric you have at the bottom. A larger hem results in a nicer drape, which is why our made-to-measure curtains have a 10 cm hem. However, you don’t always have this much fabric to spare, so a smaller hem is fine too.

Fold the curtain twice to create the hem, pin it, and then use a straight stitch.

Adding a hem with iron-on hemming tape

Iron-on hemming tape is perfect if you want a quick and easy way to hem your curtain. Insert the tape into the folded hem, place it on a damp cloth, and then iron the hem. The heat makes the tape sticky and it adheres to the fabric.

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