Black is as trendy as it is timeless, and can be beautifully integrated in any style of home! Even interior details that have traditionally been white, are now showing up in black versions – something even more exciting and innovative to work with. Black is smart while at the same time subtle, contributing to it always being on trend.

Black rails are showing up more and more in interior design showcases where the rail is allowed its spot in the décor instead of being hidden as much as possible. It is a smart, modern and creative way to work with curtain rails and a trend we will be going to bat for. We will now demonstrate 3 ways to decorate with black that will give your home a completely new feel.

Match with Black Detailing

Let the rail become a decorative piece in your room that ties in to the other décor details. By allowing the black detailing to show up in several places, you tie the room together, creating a whole that gives off a harmonious impression. The black details also match perfectly with current trends including natural materials and colour tones.

Mixing black detailing adds a trendy and sharp feeling to your décor, even when working with softer colours that on their own can give off a somewhat pale expression. In a room dominated by round forms, mild colours and soft textiles, black details add that little something extra needed to break off the mundane and create character.

Create contrast

Black curtain rails can also be used to create contrast and add a cool, industrial feel to the room. Working with contrasts provides your home personality while adding interest and can be achieved in several ways by combining different colours, materials and forms.

For light, soft colours that have the tendency to become a bit flat on their own, a black rail breaks off nicely and gives off a more vibrant expression. In combination with white it frames and creates contours in a room. Darker colours also pop more in combination with black, the contrast making these colour tones more prominent and expressive.

Combine with Darker Colours

There are times where we still want our rail to show as little as possible, allowing the curtain full focus. Painting your walls in dark, moody colours has become more and more common, especially in bedrooms and other rooms meant for rest and relaxation. A white rail against a dark wall in these situations can appear too prominent while a black rail blends in with the background.

In this same way, a black rail becomes a natural part of the whole when it comes to choosing dark colours for your curtains. To enhance the effect even more, a rail that is only the width of the curtain is used, adding a harmonious impression to the whole even when you add a black rail to a white ceiling. In this way you create an illusion that the curtain is all the way to the ceiling – even in cases where there is a gap between the curtain and the ceiling.