When we want to give our home a fresh new look, investing in some new, stylish curtains is an easy option requiring minimal effort at an affordable price. Adding textiles to your interior also creates a warm, cosy sensation and adds a feeling of harmony to a room.

Many of us struggle with patience when making the changes we want, and we often want things to happen as quickly as possible. Off-the-shelf curtains with the quickest possible delivery can be a tempting option, but a pair of well-made curtains, made-to-measure for your unique home, can be well worth waiting just a little longer! 

Below we list 3 good reasons why choosing curtains made-to-measure often end up being the option that provides you the most value for money in the long term! 

1. Perfect Fit

Curtains customized for your home add a sensation of luxury to any room! Choose a length that makes the curtain hang approximately 1 cm above the floor. This way, the curtains can drape freely off the floor, and the pleats hang neatly and evenly from top to bottom, resulting in a beautiful overall feeling that looks well thought out and perfectly adapted to your unique home!

By customizing the width of the curtain, you will receive the perfect fit both when it comes to style and function. If the measurements of the walls next to the window vary, achieving a proportionate look can be difficult if you choose a standardized curtain width. By ordering curtains with widths adapted for the exact measurements of the walls, you can easily achieve even folds/waves on each curtain, resulting in a stylish overall impression. 

2. No Hemming Needed!

Hemming your curtains can be both time- and energy-consuming. If you are not quite used to curtain hemming, achieving a well-made hem can be difficult. When choosing curtains made to measure, measurements and calculations have already been done by the time the curtains are delivered. As a result, your curtains will be ready for the fun part immediately- to be hung and styled, making your home look lovely! 

3. Choose Your Style Without Compromising!

Although there are several types of curtain rails, curtain hooks, and other accessories available to style your curtains, choosing standard-sized curtains often limits these choices. The combination of curtain hooks and rail regulates the distance between the end of the curtain and the ceiling. Your choice of curtain hooks and rails govern where the curtain ends up in relation to the ceiling. Choosing a standard length can sometimes mean having to adapt to the function when choosing accessories instead of creating the style you actually want.

When you order curtains made-to-measure, you can start by choosing the style first; what waves/pleats you would like the curtain to hang in, what functionality you would like on the curtain rail, and so on. After this decision has been made, you will be able to order your curtains with perfect measurements based on your accessory choices. This way, you will achieve a perfect result straight away- without compromises or any extra effort!