We’re launching exclusive bedding accessories from Lectus

Now you can buy bed accessories from our sister brand Lectus here at hasta.se. Lectus has exclusive pillow-top mattresses, pillows and duvets that are created to allow air to flow through the bedside environment as you sleep. When you’re active, it’s natural to wear sportswear in modern functional materials because they lead moisture much better than traditional natural materials. But the fact is that even when you sleep, your body releases up to two liters of moisture on a night that needs to be transported for you to sleep well. Lectus bedding accessories therefore use functional material in their pillows and the quilts, and the bed mattresses have an inner core with air ducts that provide air through the mattress as you move into sleep. Unique innovations that make you sleep both cool, airy, healthy and wonderfully comfortable.

Lectus bedding accessories are made to provide air throughput in your bed environment thanks to modern functional materials that breathe when you sleep.
“We imagined the feeling of sleeping on clouds and tried to recreate it in our series Lectus Heaven”
Lectus Heaven self-ventilating pillows and duvets, with hand-stuffed filling for a fluffy and soft feel.
Bäddmadrass Lectus Air genomskärning
Lectus bed mattresses have a core of air ducts that ventilate your bed as you sleep. It reduces the occurrence of mites and you can also wash the mattress at 60 degrees so that it is completely clean. It makes for a cleaner and healthier sleep.

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