Hotel Curtains

Create a luxurious feel in the room with hotel curtains that go from ceiling to floor. Here we give you tips and ideas about what products make up the style.

Hotel velvet curtains are made according to the dimensions of your window. Available in several colors. See velvet curtains here.

Hotel Curtains – Order larger curtains according to the dimensions of your window

Get your curtains tailored to the dimensions of your window by ordering a hotel made to measure curtain, either here custom-made curtains or at your nearest Reseller. The curtain is delivered ready to hang up, with a nice hem of about 10 cm and Hastas combi curtain band.

To get the hotel feel, you can put the curtains with a discreet curtain rail or choose a decorative curtain rod that you mount near the ceiling. This makes the room feel higher on the ceiling and gives more space to the room.

Light curtains with 95% darkening made according to your measurements. Perfect in the bedroom! See more variants here.

White, sheer curtains that shield

Perfect curtains to shield from others looking in, yet let the light flow into the room.

Curtains with two layers

Do like the hotels, use a curtain for shielding during the day and a curtain for total blackout.

To get a truly luxurious and inviting feel in the bedroom while providing the perfect shielding flexibility, you can combine two types of curtains in the window.

Two examples:

Choose a thin, sheer curtain behind a stylish blackout curtain where you sometimes need quite dark and sometimes just want to shield from view.

Choose a decorative curtain with patterns facing the room and choose a white blackout curtain to get dark at night.

Här kombineras en svart mörkläggningsgardin med en vit, skir, avskärmande gardin. Se gardiner.

Hasta's custom-made curtains

Hastas curtains are supplied with a 10 cm finished hem and Hasta’s combi curtain band.

With the comb band you can hang the curtains in four different ways – The modern wave pleat, folded curtain with finger hooks, wrinkle band curtain with swish hook and that there are ready-made inserts for those who want to hang the curtain straight away.

The curtains are delivered in about 3 weeks.

How wide curtain do I need to cover the window?

A good rule of thumb is that 2m curtain fabric covers 1m of the window when you put it in curtain hooks.

Order custom-made curtains

See all hotel curtains

Placing of the curtain rail/curtain pole

Intuitively, we often choose a curtain rod that is approximately as wide as the window, or maybe a few inches more and mount it just above the window. This causes the curtains to obscure a lot of the window.

Instead, if you choose a wider curtain rod / curtain rail and mount it closer to the ceiling, the window is perceived to be bigger and the room is higher and airy.

The window is the same size in both pictures.

Curtain rails

If you want to install curtains in two layers, we recommend setting up two curtain rails parallel to each other at approximately 8 cm distance. Then both curtains have space for their waves and do not hook into each other.

Light / medium heavy curtains

If you have light or medium heavy curtains, we recommend U-rail or Alex curtain rail. They also work on heavier curtains, but you may need more brackets and shorter spacing between the brackets to make it stable.

The recommended distance between the brackets is 70 cm in general.

Heavy curtains in demanding environments

For really heavy curtain sets that will allow you to drag and tear in them (for example, in public spaces) choose Cabin curtain rail.


Long curtain rails

For wider windows, you can join our curtain rails. To cut two shorter rails is better than ordering a very long rail. It will be much easier to install and the splice is barely noticeable once you have installed the rail.

Curtain rails

More information about rails and how to measure here.

The perfect wave curtain

To get perfect waves on your wave curtain, you can use gliders on a strap. This makes the glider evenly spaced apart as you pull out the curtain so that each wave looks exactly the same.

If you want to put a curtain in front of another, for example, combine a blackout curtain with a thin blind, then it’s preferable to have two curtain rails next to each other. In case of wall mounting, place two brackets at an angle.

Motorised curtain rail

Open the curtains in the morning with just a touch of a remote control or wall control. The ultimate in luxury living.

We have a number of motorised curtain rails manufactured for the dimensions of your window.

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