Do you belong to the crowd who wants a sleek and simple blinds but still something that still adds a sense of design to the room? In addition, if you want to choose between a little shielding and total shielding, Hastas Day&Night is perfect.

Day&Night is a roller blind with transparent stripes that runs in two layers. When the stripes are in the same place, you see through the transparent stripes. When the strips pass each other, you get completely shielded. If you have a day and night, you’ll have a nice striped curtain mug while you have the smart features with shielding.

If you then want to make it really luxurious at home and a sunny wow effect when you invite the neighbours – then you should complement Day&Night with the motor. The blind goes up or down with the push of a button.

You need a motor and a transformer for each roller blind. We have two remote controls, one easier that controls a roller blind and one more advanced that can control up to 15 blinds (15 channels).

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