We already yearn in spite of snow and cold. Prepare for the spring and make sure you have really nice windows. Here comes our 5 tips to succeed!

1. Pick curtains by season!
A big step to make it feel like the heavy winter left us is to let the heavy curtains be replaced with lighter fabrics. Let the spring feel follow the sunbeams through a beautiful weave in the window. Match it with a blackout blind where you want to be able to keep out the sun completely at any time.

Lina is most beautiful in the window, when light filters through the beautiful structure of the fabric.

Skimra curtain, a slightly transparent curtain with a slight texture pattern.

2. Create joy with colour
Colour brightens up and creates happiness. Pick up a colour from your decor and let your blind add to the whole picture. Or break away from the colour scale you already have and choose a blind that protrudes and is eye-catching.

Alger Curtain, with matching pillow

Designer blind Triangle Day&Night

Roller blind Nissan, yellow

3. Hang curtains the smart way
Create the illusion of higher ceilings and an airy room with a few simple tricks in your curtain hanging.

The location of your curtain rod or rail makes a big difference to how both the window and the room are perceived. Place the curtain rod high and choose one that is wider than the window so that the curtains do not cover the window, but instead frame. A rail can thus be advantageously mounted in the roof.

4. Don’t forget the curtain hooks!
With curtain hooks, you can make more set-ups than without, because you can use the combos that are available on all Hastas curtains to make both Box pleats (French pleats), pencil pleats or a wave pleats. Combine with the right kind of hook for the suspension you want to do, read more here. For curtain rods, combine with curtain rings and rails – attach hooks to glide.

Box pleat (French pleat) with finger hook

Pencil pleat swish hook (standard hooks)

Wave-uppsättning med rynkbandskrok



Wave pleat with nail hook in gliders.

5. Stylish details
It’s not just the curtain or blind that creates the feel of the window – but also the accessories. The curtain rod becomes an important part of the overall setting of the curtain, choose a complete or combine a loose bar with wall brackets, end studs and rings.

If you have a lot of brass in your interior, you can create a red thread by choosing, for example, a brass bracket. Or create contrast to your white walls with a black curtain entrance. The details are significant and you can choose and wrap among all the accessories to get the style and feel you want in your window. Simple trick to make the window feel full!

Wall bracket Point

Empire Series med rods, finials, rings and wall brackets

Curtain rod Smilla

Tieback hemisphere together with a silk tassle

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